Welcome to a world where ancient techniques meet contemporary design, where textures and colors intertwine to create jewelry that transcends time.


Negar draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Persia, particularly the colorful attire worn by the women of the Qashqai tribe nestled in the heart of the country, as well as the coppersmithing techniques used in Tabriz city since the 13th century. Additionally, the textures and shades found in nature serve as a wellspring of creativity for her designs, resulting in pieces that resonate with organic beauty and cultural depth.


Employing a blend of ancient and modern techniques, Negar meticulously crafts each piece of jewelry. From hand-sawing to ancient enameling techniques, modern Artclay applications, hand texturing, and oxidization, she imbues her creations with a unique allure. Colorful gemstones, meticulously chosen, add depth and character to her distinctive designs.

Empowerment Through Art:

Negar’s jewelry is more than just adornment; it’s a celebration of empowerment and individuality. With each piece, she strives to empower women to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves confidently.